We explain with all sorts of means. It could be anything: an animation, infographic, poster or campaign. It all depends on what fits your story and target group best. Together with our clients we're constantly searching for new ways to communicate. So, who knows what might be on this page in a few months.


A short film is perfect to draw attention. You can explain important things and convince your audience about relevancy.        

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Do you want to tell your audience a bit more? Or maybe you want to give instructions. Explain a new strategy or process? An infographic suits you!

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Use add-ons like a poster, sticker or coffee mug to highlight points from your story, exactly at the right time and place for your audience.

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Your story clarified in seconds!

There’ll always be something you need communicate to people. An important project, perhaps, or a new system or smart product. And you want your target group to understand it. But, let's face it; they’re not going to read through long emails or a document that's more than 100 pages long. Yeah, that's not going to happen. So how do you explain everything to your audience? With Funk-e! We've been helping companies clarify complicated or sensitive topics since 2009. With our animations, infographics, posters and even entire campaigns, your target audience will go from “uhhh?” to “aHA!”.

Still there? Awesome! Then we’ll continue telling you about the topics that we've mentioned. If you don’t mind. For example, the new privacy legislation. Digitization and compliance strategies. Safety in the workplace. You name it, we can explain it. Really? Everything? Absolutely. We can even explain the workings of a moon base to eight-year-olds. No kidding, have a look!.

Want to find out we can do for you? We are the explanation agency, so we’ll be only too happy to explain everything to you!


How we work.

All our animations have the same script writing and storyboard process...


An explanation can only be called clear and straightforward if we reach the right target audience in the right way at the right time. Well, you can’t achieve that without a pretty good plan. No worries! Our account managers and consultants are happy to help!


Next, during one or more Funk-e storyboard session(s), we’ll discuss the type of explanation your audience needs. Figured it out? Then we’ll get right to it and sketch and write the story on the same day. That way you’ll know exactly what your explanation will look like.


Once we've agreed on everything, we’ll make all the explanatory tools. Everything will be carefully planned so you receive everything in time. And then it's up to you to distribute everything and make the world a less confusing place!


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